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Laqfoil Stretch Ceiling Advantages

Laqfoil stretch ceilings, decorative wall panels, wide format prints on stretch membrane or 3d sculptural stretch ceiling installations generate an unmatched visual effect that cannot be achieved by any other interior design material. Regardless of whether a space is small or large, a medical facility or an entertainment venue, an office or a house, stretch ceiling technology will enrich its aesthetic appeal and give the space an exclusive look.

Laqfoil stretch ceiling technology is not only a stylish enhancement for the areas where we live, work, or play, but it also improves living and working conditions, provides cost-saving benefits, and is environmentally friendly, saving energy and reducing the carbon emission footprint of a household or business. It’s an effective and attractive replacement for drywall or stucco and does not require a messy and tedious installation process.

Laqfoil stretch ceiling technology is highly durable and comes with a ten year manufacturer's warranty. It fully retains its color, shape, and clarity of imprinted images throughout its entire lifespan. Installation is quick, and it’s fully recyclable without requiring any special procedures.

Laqfoil stretch ceiling technology is flame and water resistant, poses no occupational hazards, and improves the air quality wherever it’s installed by forming a thin membrane that isolates the breathing air in the room from the walls or ceiling. Over the years, stucco, wood, drywall and even brick accumulate dust, allergenic materials, and bacteria. Meticulous cleaning and maintenance, no matter how diligent, can only slow down this accumulation. Laqfoil stretch ceiling membrane effectively contains these unhealthy emissions, eliminating the need for constant cleaning procedures or expensive maintenance.

Mold and fungus in a house can be a serious problem. Targeted cleaning methods can reduce the impact of mold, but it’s very difficult to eradicate entirely. Laqfoil stretch ceiling is a radical solution for mold from a health care standpoint. A stretched ceiling or wall isolates the room’s atmosphere from the impacted surfaces, blocking their negative effects. This installation is not only healthy, but visually captivating. After a stretched ceiling or wall is installed, what was once an area of discontent becomes a highlight of interior design. 


Competitive differentiation

  Stretch Celling Tile Celling Suspended Celling Plasterboard Celling Lath Celling
Moisture Resistant Yes No No No Yes
Time of Installation (20m2) 2 hrs 4+ hrs 15 hrs 20 hrs+painting 5 hours
Colour Choise 180+ Need to paint 5 Need to paint 5
Minimum Loss of Room Height 2.5 cm 1.5 cm 10 cm 5 cm 5 cm
Need to Renew wall No Painting every 2-3 years 3-4 years Painting every 2-3 years 3-4 years
Warranty Period 10 years 3 years 2 years 15 years 3-4 years
Posibility of a Multi-level Ceiling Yes No No Yes No