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Making your home look special is a natural desire for any home owner. Sometimes we want to change how our house looks not because it’s inadequate, but simply because we want something different: a European look, a reminder of tropical vacations in the middle of a Canadian winter, or a modern look and feel for walls that were built decades ago. Laqfoil stretch technology provides this opportunity without breaking your budget. As one of our customers recalled after Laqfoil completed her project: “A daughter of my friend, when she came here, said: Oh! You changed the house! And I said: no, I just did some renovations. And she replied: I don't recognize your house, it looks like new!” This is exactly what you can expect when ordering a job from Laqfoil.

Laqfoil has completed over 230 projects for home owners across Canada. Our customers were all seeking a common goal– to make their home look unique, but yet not extravagant, and that we help them accomplish this goal. This page showcases some of our home improvement projects.