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3D Forms, Panels, Backlit Boxes, Ceiling Tiles, Light boxes

Another production line of Laqfoil, different variations of 3D suspended panels, boxes with backlight or none, frames and all kinds of design elements. For commercial places its a magic, which could help to hide technical fixtures and disturbing communications. Creation of various shape panels, suspended on different levels, with use of print or a backlight, will definitely be the highlight of the area. Various types of spatial structures can be created using stretch technology. One such option is a layered stretch ceiling or wall mural that uses a transparent or especially finished vinyl membrane. The membrane can be perforated and can have an LCD backlight assembly installed behind it or between two membranes. Another commonly used option is stretch technology boxes, which are suspended from the ceiling and serve as a light source for a room. These boxes usually combine a wooden, metal, or plastic frame with a transparent, perforated, or semi-transparent membrane screen. 3D structures can also be a purely decorative element. 

While designing such an element one needs to consider that the internal 3D armor of the structure may form the 3D edges of it.