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Stretch Ceilings – Order and Delivery

other CAD or BIM file submission, however, we can handle CAD orders. A regular architectural drawing with proper dimensions is sufficient. A partial deposit is required before beginning each project.

The turnaround time for Laqfoil stretch ceiling installation, from the time of receiving a security deposit to the completion of the installation, is generally not more than 48 hours for Toronto, Canada. For other locations, shipment time via courier service to a Laqfoil authorized installer must be added. This is one third to one sixth the delivery time for other North American providers because we have our own production facility located in Toronto. We don't need to place an order with external suppliers for tracks, cut membranes, or harpoon lock welding.  Rush installation (8-10 hours) is also available. Such quick completion is particularly useful for demonstration projects, show homes, exhibitions, and events. Stretch ceiling is often the only way to beat tough deadlines for construction and interior design projects. If you make a deposit to Laqfoil on Monday, by Wednesday your home, office or venue will be completely rejuvenated, and will have acquired a unique and exciting new look.  


The overall price of a stretch ceiling never exceeds the overall cost of a drywall installation. The industry standard price for stretch ceilings is below competitive. It is affected by the complexity of the ceiling shape, installation conditions (room height, accessories, etc.), and other factors. Applying a wide-format print incurs some surcharges that depend on the dimensions of the printed area and other additional factors.  Setting up a stretch ceiling is a low labor intensity operation that requires only two hours of work on-site so stretch ceiling provides very significant savings for the customer on the labor cost side. These savings overcompensate for the more expensive materials, and the result will undoubtedly look more high-end than equally or more highly priced undistinguished drywall.

Please contact Laqfoil to obtain a free, no obligation quotation for your renovation project. Since installers need to be specially trained, we automatically include installation in our pricing.